Egg  -  Mae Hancock

Egg - Mae Hancock

Creative Studio @ Youth Interactive


Youth Interactive’s Creative Studio program is designed to ignite imagination and enhance the business skills of young artists and creative entrepreneurs. The Creative Studio young artists get an education in art and economics, learn key skills that provide the knowledge and resources to help advance an art career, develop ideas, and increase financial independence. Students work with arts and business leaders with artistic, commercial, and graphic design experience. Over time all our young artists learn the key concepts involved in marketing and self-promotion, curating, pricing art shows, money management and strategic planning. All students have the opportunity to receive feedback and insights in small group critique sessions with local and international leading arts and business professionals.

Youth Interactive (YI) is an After-school Entrepreneurial Arts Academy- a non-profit organization that uses education, creativity, and entrepreneurship as a vehicle for lasting social change. We create Youth led businesses designed to help bridge economic, racial and social equity by providing young adults from all walks of life with the skills needed to succeed beyond school.